Malaysian Medical Association (Selangor Branch)


Office-Bearers 2017/2018

Dr A Arulnathan


Dr Raja Kumar Menon

Honorary Secretary:

Dr Muhammad Gowdh

Honorary Treasurer:

Dr Keshab Chandran Nair

Committee Members:

Dr Mary Suma Cardosa

Dr Diljeet Kumar Bhanot

Dr S Edwin Leo

Dr Ramzi Sunil Abdullah

Dr K Skanthadevan

State SCHOMOS Chairman:

Dr Ong Chin Hooi

State PPSMMA Chairman:

Dr Krishna Kumaran

Honorary Auditors:

Dr Koshy Thomas

Dr Bhupindar Kaur

Chairman's Hotline:
012-2272754 or e-mail

Secretary's Hotline:
012-3317710 or e-mail

Treasurer's Hotline:
019-3605972 or e-mail
Postal address:
Malaysian Medical Association (Selangor Branch),
c/o Klinik Anis,
No.17, Jalan 2/18,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Please send all suggestions, comments and feedback to:

Dr D K Bhanot

Upcoming Events: a quick glance
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58th MMA Annual General Meeting

Royale Chulan Hotel, K.L.
28-30 June 2018

Join the MMA Selangor (PPS) Group on TELEGRAM MESSENGER

All MMA Selangor members are encouraged to download the TELEGRAM MESSENGER app and join the MMA Selangor (PPS) group. This will keep you in touch with current issues and happenings in MMA Selangor. The service will also provide an avenue for feedback from members.

Please contact Selangor PPS Chairman Dr Krishna Kumaran at 012-6366742 for further instructions.

For the Attention of All Members of MMA Selangor

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58th MMA Annual General Meeting 2018

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New Schedule for MMR Immunisation from 2016

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MMC CPD Guidelines & Scoring Schedule

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Format Reten Perkhidmatan Imunisasi Kanak-Kanak Di Fasiliti Swasta

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DENGUE: Letter from Selangor State Director of Health

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Dengue Warning Signs

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MMA Membership
Application Form

Please note that the application form is in PDF format and requires ADOBE ACROBAT READER TM a free copy of which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

APC Application Form

Contact telephone numbers
of District Health Offices in Selangor

Communicable Diseases Notification Form

Useful Links
Malaysian Medical Association
National Association for Medical Doctors

Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor
Selangor State Health Department

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Malaysian Ministry of Health

Majlis Perubatan Malaysia
Malaysian Medical Council

Members' Hotline

Members' Hotline

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